JMA Consult

Accounting Services

Rely on the proficiency of our seasoned chartered accountants to address your accounting complexities. From meticulous bookkeeping and final account preparation to seamless tax return filing, managerial accounting, and precise payroll management – we ensure financial integrity.

Marketing Solutions

Our dedicated marketing team is poised to propel your products and services to new heights. Through strategic product and business branding, in-depth market research and analysis, innovative market entry strategies, field and digital marketing, and customer care training, we position your brand for success.

Human Resource Management

Experience the ease of human resource management with our expert HR managers. From streamlining recruitment and selection processes to comprehensive staff training, development, employee management, and performance appraisal – we optimize your human capital.

IT Support

Harness the power of technology for enhanced business operations. Our tailored software solutions, mobile apps, database management, website development, and graphic design services ensure streamlined administrative tasks.

Our IT experts are at your service for consultation.

General Business Consultancy

Navigate the complexities of the business landscape with confidence. Our consultancy services provide insights into industry dynamics, ensuring legal compliance and connecting you with the right agencies and programs for sustainable business growth.